What should be your role as a parent in your child’s life?

Being a parent, there are so many do’s and don’ts that are necessary to keep in mind in order to ensure a smooth development of your child. There are lot of opinions about the role of a parent in a child’s life. Some of the basic aspects a parent needs to keep in mind are-

Comparisons are a strict “no-no”

Most often than not, it is seen that parents tend to compare their children with other kids. It is wrong. It is very important to understand that every child is different. He may have all those attributes that are seemingly lacking among many other children. Though, it is the duty of every parent to instill values, good manners, behavior and habits in their children, but it is not correct to point out every time he is out of the line. Making comparisons can lower the self-confidence of a kid and he will be scarred for life. If you want to correct your child, wait for the opportune moment and do not humiliate him in front of others.

Become a role model for your child

Kids always notice their parents, they keenly observe the way the move, speak and react. If you are correct, your child will learn to behave in the similar manner. If you are not doing something in a reasonable manner, your child is bound to become unreasonable. Thus, before checking your children, it is important to check yourself. Your behavior will dictate the kind of person he becomes in the future.

Let the child learn from his mistakes

Though, it is important to safeguard your child but when it reaches an extreme level, it becomes problematic. Let your child learn from his mistakes, at least give him a chance. Preventing accidents is one thing but controlling life is altogether different. Thus, it is necessary to give some space to your child so that he can learn something on his own.

Leave your child to his devices

It is not necessary to keep your children engaged at all times. Sometimes, they should be left alone even if they are getting bored. You will see that after some time their creativity kicks in and they device something to keep them entertained. This maneuver helps in fostering self-direction. A little support and supervision can go a long way in unleashing their thoughts and dreams.

Don’t equate food with comfort

It is wrong to use food as a means to keep a child controlled. Many times, it is seen that to stop a child from crying, mothers immediately offer him something to eat. With time, it becomes a habit and the child thinks that he can throw tantrums anytime and you will not object to this behavior rather give him something of his choice to keep him quiet.

Though, there is rule book or a set of guidelines as such following which a parent can become successful in parenting skills, some simple do’s and don’ts will surely steer them in a right direction.