Why is preschool necessary for a child’s overall growth?

Like any other thing, there are two views regarding preschool and its significance. Some experts believe that the concept of preschool is not good for the growth of young kids and some experts offer opposing views. The major opinion, though, states that preschool is a perfect step towards achieving success. Schooling at this tender age will help children learn language, lifelong literacy and develop good social skills. It has been observed that young kids love to visit kindergarten and enthusiastically imbibe new things they are exposed to every day. This way they acquire great social, emotional and educational advantages. The development of a kid who is four years old is remarkable and is able to absorb quite a lot of information. If a child is enrolled in a quality preschool, this means they have started walking on the path of success and exemplary educational achievements.

Research indicates that there are several advantages of a high level preschool. The first and foremost advantage is ensuring an overall development during the formative years of a child’s life. Children love to engage socially and develop immense self confidence. They receive knowledge that becomes a foundation for their long string of successes beginning from the kindergarten. One such school that takes care of comprehensive development of their young wards is Bright Minds. They are committed to offer high quality education. The school is evaluated on a regular basis for various quality parameters. We extend our help to the school by offering expert coaching and funding so as to ensure that the preschool grows but also improves on various aspects.

As per studies conducted in this field, children who attend pre schools even for a year are ready for attaining success right from the very beginning. About 90 percent children who attend preschools are well prepared to face the rigors and challenges of schools in comparison to those who have not attended preschools. It is observed that reading proficiency of preschoolers is well developed, the chances of them graduating from high schools and going for higher education are high, the chances of them leaving education or being placed in special schools are low and there are negligible chances of them committing a crime.

Usually, children treat pre-schooling as an adventure and a place where they can learn new and interesting thing. Activities like snack time, finger painting, building blocks etc ensure that kids do not feel pressurized and at the same time learn new things. It is easier for them to recognize numbers, alphabets, days of the week, colors and many more at this age when they learn them in a play way manner. Kindergarten gives them immense confidence and an ability to learn in a more effective manner. A full year of learning at a high end preschool will ensure all round development of a child.

Another advantage of pre-schooling is gaining independence and becoming self reliant. Kids who are sure of themselves at this tender age are prone to success in their later years.