How can you improve your child’s self-esteem?

Self-esteem of a child is just like a protection against challenges of life. It is very important to foster self-esteem among kids going to the school so that when they grow up, they become self-assured human beings.

Some of the ways to improve self-esteem of your school going kid are as under-

The best way to improve your child’s self-esteem is by talking to him with respect. It is wrong to put down your child or interrupt him unnecessarily;

  • ↪ Give undivided attention to your child
  • ↪ Love and accept your child as he is without expecting to change him
  • ↪ Give your kid a chance to contribute in daily chores, conversation, etc
  • ↪ Treat mistakes committed by your child as a learning experience
  • ↪ Stress on the strengths of your child so that he feels a sense of respect for himself
  • ↪ Encourage your children to solve problems and help him in decision making
  • ↪ Always discipline your child as a way to teach not as a way to punish


Following these tips, one can help a child to improve his self-esteem that is going to help in becoming a successful person in his later life.