Educating Parents with a Parent Education Workshop!

Just as kids learn from their mistakes, parents also learn from their mistakes. There is no rulebook for perfect parenting rather this is learnt through experiences. Bright Minds organizes Parent Education Workshops to help them understand and learn new skills that may help them in rearing their kids in a better and responsible manner. Since the time when a child is a toddler, he or she needs discipline, as this will set his life on a course of success. As part of these skills, parents are told about how to discipline their children, whether they are toddlers or teenagers, how to make them feel good and positive about them and how to raise them to become winners. There are many solutions offered to the parents that help them in bringing about a remarkable improvement in communication with their kids, build positive relationships and promote a healthy bonding. 

Tips for improving parent child relationships

  • ↪ Spend some fun time with your children
  • ↪ It is wrong to disagree about ways of disciplining children in front of them
  • ↪ If you are giving a command, order or a request, you must be prepared to enforce it
  • ↪ It is important to be consistent in your behavior, whether you are rewarding your child or punishing him, there should be a consistency with past behavior
  • ↪ There should be a clear agreement about what behaviors are desirable and what behaviors are not desirable
  • ↪ There should also be an agreement about the way one must react in case of undesirable behavior
  • ↪ The child must have clarity about what to expect if he indulges in an undesirable behavior
  • ↪ If you wish to pinpoint a lapse in the behavior of your child, you need to be specific about it so that he or she understands what exactly he or she has done wrong
  • ↪ Do not defend your position if your child attacks on you even when he has been made clear about your position. This seems as weakness on your part and your child must never take advantage of this behavior
  • ↪ Don’t have too much expectations from your kid, give him some time to change and notice gradual behavioral change in him
  • ↪ Once in a while praise your child’s behavior when you see an improvement in him
  • ↪ Become a role model for your kid
  • ↪ If one of the parents is disciplining a child, the other parent must not interfere
  • ↪ Disciplining a child is the responsibility of both parents and both of them must share this responsibility equally


Parent’s role as a coach

  • ↪ Teach your kid about something and show them how to do it
  • ↪ Descriptive praises for your child once in a while will boost his self esteem
  • ↪ Help your child to express himself
  • ↪ Develop an emphatic attitude and understand a situation from your child’s point of view
  • ↪ Confident but soft tone must be used with children
  • ↪ Develop good listening skills
  • ↪ Use eye contact with your children when disciplining them


These tips will help to foster a good relationship among parents and their children that will help the latter to succeed in their life.