Mr. Sesama definitely does believe in standard definition of education. This definition suggests that education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another. However, at the same time he possesses a distinctive philosophy related to education. According to him, there are two kinds of education. First kind of education should teach children how to make a living. Another kind of education should teach them how to live. In fact, there is no denial to the fact one can use education as a most influential weapon in order to change the way, this world functions. A society of well-educated people certainly differs from a society of illiterate people.

If you want a best and safest learning place for your child, here familiarize yourself with different educational formats offered by Bright Minds:


A pre-school refers to a school for those children who are yet to be qualified for attending kindergarten. In simple words, it can also be termed as nursery school. You may find it amazing but it is true that a child is born ready for learning. A child develops 85% of his personality, intellect and acquires skills by age five. Indeed this phase lays the foundation of his lifelong development. The same fact goes on to highlight the crucial significance of pre-school education. Keeping the same fact in mind, Founder of Bright Minds ensures offering competitive, innovative and interactive educational environment to young children. Children are taught basics well in pre-school so that when they proceed towards primary education, they do not get bewilder.

Primary schools

This phase prolongs for couple of years and lays the foundation for structured and formal education. After the pre-school, a child adapts to educational climate. He is more receptive towards learning and look for diverse ways to satiate his quest for knowledge. This is a phase, where a child can express himself in a better way in comparison to pre-school phase. Providing interactive learning ambiance is extremely essential at this stage. More a child is encouraged to clear his doubts, put forward his query and seeks for clarification, more his basics gets strong. Bright Minds does understand the significance of this phase and hence strive for offering utmost interactive learning climate.

Secondary schools

A child enters into the phase of receiving secondary school education during adolescence period. Secondary school education’s format may differ from one country to another. However, key purpose of imparting this education remains more or less similar. Main purpose is to impart the children with common knowledge and to prepare them for higher education. In addition to that, this education phase also provide them with suitable training for in order to facilitate them in stepping into a desired profession.

We all agree to this saying that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. If you are truly concerned about your child’s future, you should never compromise with his education. Bright Minds understands the concerns of parents and value of their hard-earned money, and hence it is committed to provide excellent quality education that caters to pre-school, primary school and secondary school formats.