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Old Battalion Road, Ahead of Vidyapuram, Makronia Sagar(Madhya Pradesh).

About Bright Minds Sagar

The franchisee of Bright Minds has given the opportunity for the students of Central India i.e. Madhya Pradesh to learn and grow with Indian Traditions. With its first ever presence at Sagar (M.P.), Bright Minds Maanya Pre School is on the roll. The school is being run by a renowned Educationist family. The School has an area of around 4000 sq. ft which is modified as per the standards of the Bright Mind Standard. Facilities like Live Child Tracking, Clean Water, Spacious Classes and Friendly environment are some of the basics of this school. Admissions for the New Session are open now!!!!

Admission Helpline:

+91 9549447777
+91 9549331234

Bright Minds in Madhya Pradesh