Music, visual art, drama, and poetry and prose are all part of the artistic life of our students at Bright Minds.

Arts are amalgamated into general classroom activities and are also specifically taught by specialist teachers. They are also a key component of co-curricular activities and clubs. Like other aspects of their BRIGHT MINDS education, the arts are introduced to our students at the earliest ages.

Developing Their Own Point of View

As students continue into the higher grades, they begin to develop their individual styles for expressing themselves artistically, and the Senior School provides them with ample opportunities to do so.

In addition to classes dedicated to visual arts, music and drama, creative activities play a key role in the curricula of many subjects, students produce a film based on a piece of literature, while in one math class, students are required to create a board game as a meansĀ  of demonstrating their understanding of certain principles.

The Senior School holds many notable arts events each year, such as the famed Dance Show and MAD (music, art and drama) Night, a festival highlighting all things artistic. One of the most anticipated occasions is theĀ  Art Show, when the most senior art students present their collections of original artwork, developed and refined over a two year period of time. The stunning display of creative talents and critical analysis skills is not to be missed!